The Power Elite

ThePower Elite

ThePower Elite


Theinstitutions forming the interlocking triangle include economic,military and political institutions. The reasons put forward by Millfor his observation on this includes the intervention by thegovernment in the corporate economy means corporate intervention inthe corporate governmental process. At each point of the moderncapital society, the interlocking is clearly revealed. The pointsinclude slump, war, and boom. Men of institutions at each point aremade aware of the interdependence of their institutions.


Duringthe early days when the scale of all institutions was somehow small,liberal integration was achieved automatically in the economy by theforces of the market. In case of the political domain, liberalintegration was achieved through bargain and vote. A new equilibriumwould then emerge as a result of imbalance and friction that followedlimited decisions. This idea can no longer be assumed, and men at thetop of the three influential dominant hierarchies cannot as wellassume this. The decisions and indecisions in these top institutionsramify into others hence, the top decisions are coordinated so orelse it will lead to a commanding indecision. Gone are the days whenthe small entrepreneurs who made the economy could be left to fallwithout any intervention from political and military authorities butcurrently the authorities intervene in matters of economy. The men atthe top of these three institutions always come together when itcomes to matters of making decisions so that they can form the powerelite of America.

Millsuggests that power elites were linked together by the majorinstitutions of the modern society. These hierarchies of state,corporation, and military constitutes the means of power as per thehuman history and they are the origin of the commanding posts in themodern society, a basis of understanding the roles played by highercircles in America.


Thepower elites always display celebrities but they are not displayedenough in as much as they remain to be celebrities. They prefer beingthe heads of the dominating hierarchies, and if that is not the case,they will be often distracting the attention of the public or affordsensations of the masses or in any other more direct way so that theycan gain the attention of those who occupy positions of direct power.The celebrities are portrayed as more or less as critics of moralityand technicians of power. They believe that God sends them and theyspeak on behalf of Him and other creators of mass sensibly. Thesecelebrities and other consultants provide a ground where the drama ofthe elite is enacted but despite that fact, the drama itself ismanifested in the command posts of the major institutionalhierarchies.


Lackof aristocracy means that no such power formed before the capitalistera can withstand the opposition of the three hierarchies in power inthe U.S. The hierarchies have monopolized everything includingwealthy and power. The clear indication here is that not even thenoble families can command the top positions and monopolize thevalues that are held in high esteem. Despite all these, there existupper strata in the United States but they have no value because theywere made less visible in America than elsewhere, but there exist menof power who exists in small groups and make enormous decisions forother.


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