The Pyramid of Success


ThePyramid of Success

ThePyramid of Success

Pyramidof success encompasses all those qualities that make a great leader.Effective leadership is an important tool for attaining anyorganization’s goals and visions. There are viable organizationalideas that usually exist in any organization. Any organization needsa good leader to execute those goals. The pyramid of successdemonstrates that a good leader goes beyond controlling and takingcharge of the organization’s operations. It to incorporate andcontinually cultivate the skills involved in interpersonalrelationships and self control. All these skills are aimed atcreating a suitable culture in the workplace. According to Wooden(2015), the skills enable one to build on teamwork and strive toachieve the best each day. There are important qualities that make agood leader in the pyramid of success. These qualities are importantand any leader should learn to emphasize them in daily businessactivities.

Pyramidsuccess to private and public organizations

Thepyramid of success can make any organization better in performance.When executed in the daily operations, good results are expected.Values, morals and ethics are expected to be raised even higher whenone gets to lead an organization. It is important because employeesor the team will eventually learn to incorporate them in their work.Teamwork is a requisite to attaining the goals and objectives of anyorganizations. In this regard it is important to build healthy teamsand working relationships based on honesty. The leader shoulddemonstrate true believe in himself and the team he leads. Thisensures that deviations and actions that may hurt an organization areminimized.

Toachieve satisfactory results entails a trail of hard work. It isimportant for a leader to demonstrate the value of industrialism.This is the only way that success can be achieved. Hard work, coupledwith enthusiasm is a definite success. The team is expected to showcooperation for what is right and work together with energy. Thepyramid of success emphasizes on the need of oneness. It is veryimportant to have a team that is based on respect and comradeship.This will guarantee that the organization achieves the set objectseffectively.

Ideasand concepts of pyramid of success

Thesuccess of the organization greatly depends on the top leadership.The direction that is given by the top leadership greatly influencesthe direction that employees generally embrace. It is essential thata leader should remain poised, whether good or bad events happen inthe organization. A leader should be disciplined and learn how tocontrol his emotions (Wooden, 2015). Demonstrating a weak andvulnerable mind in the organization creates a feeling of incompetenceto the employees. Any leader is therefore expected to exude a senseof confidence when executing all tasks and making any decisions. Thisis mostly prominent when such decisions are difficult but have to bemade. Sound decisions come from a confident and an initiative leader.A leader is expected to show a relentless pursuit even whenchallenges are lurking in every direction.

Pyramidof success best describes success as the peace of mind. To achievethat state of mind, one is required to have done his best and usedall avenues beyond doubt in pursuit of goals and ambitions under anycircumstances. This pyramid helps one to focus on controlling at whatis at hand rather than the end results. It is important to note thatthe end results may or may not be favorable. This character becomes afundamental value for anyone aiming for success. Character supersedesreputation in this regard. According to Wooden (2015), reputation iswhat you are perceived to be and character is what you are.

Anotherimportant idea that strikes one is the value of believing in others.Striving to understand other people under one’s leadership is anadvantage to any individual or organization. This is because therecan be more lessons or benefits that one can derive from this act.All these help shape one’s focus to success. The idea of being thebest and doing the best is an important attribute, but they shouldnot push one to overlook others. This concept helps one to appreciatethat every individual has unique gifts or capabilities that may beworthy in their own ways to any organizations.


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