The Things They Carried


TheThings They Carried

TheThings They Carried

InTim Obrien’s story &quot,&quot thestoryline lies on the experiences of the American soldiers in duringthe Vietnam War. The story is strongly related to the war not justbecause of the setting but because the author was part of theAmerican soldiers who fought the fateful war. The story hassignificant relation to the historical references to the 1960`s and70`s and the Vietnam War, including, the Bay of Pigs, President JohnKennedy, the Cold war, Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnam War draft, the Nixonadministration as well as the student protests to Vietnam. Thediscussion about the book and reaction about the Vietnam Warstoryline will illustrate the association of the context with some ofthese historical references.

Whilethe book takes relevance to the United States involvement in theVietnam War, O’Brien significantly seems to refrains fromdiscussing the political angle of the war. Tim O’Brien was a UnitedStates soldier fighting in the 1960 Vietnam War in a platoon ofsolders that faced diverse challenges in the war that sparked social,economic and political reactions in the country. Therefore, the bookis objective to the experiences of the American soldiers in theVietnam War and gives a perspective that can be used to relate thestory to all the factors and events during the 1969s, the 1970s andthe Vietnam War political in America.

TheVietminh War was cold war proxy as it was fought at the heart of thecold war. The cold was an antagonism between the capitalist UnitedStates and the communist Soviet Union and was experiences indifferent regions in the world. the Vietnam war was a proxy of thecold war because the united states led by President Nixon and LyndonBaines Johnson (LBJ), sought political dominance over the communistsoviet union in Vietnam. In the Vietnam War, the Vietnamesegovernment was fighting against a rebel group called the NationalLiberation Front led by Hồ Chí Minh (O’Brien, 1990). While theUnited States supported the Vietnamese government, the pro-communistrebels was supported by the communist Soviet Union and china. Thiscreated the vast setting of the war that Tim O’Brien fought in andwrote about.

Inthe story, Tim O’Brien shares the harsh and painful experiencesthat the American soldiers had to undergo as they fought for theircountry. The experiences of the Vietnam War show the suffering theytook, in a war that was considered by many in the United States asnon-American. It is for this reason that there were American studentprotests against the United States involvement in the war. Despitethe opposition, the country sent military, many of whom, like Kiowanever returned alive (O’Brien, 1990). Young people who had littlewar experience went to fight in the war, leading to massivecasualties.

Bysharing the memories of the soldiers, O’Brien presents both thepsychological cost of the war the human loss that America incurred inthe Vietnam conflict. For instance, Kiowa died, giving strongemotional reaction by the platoon of O’Brien. On the other hand,Norman left his family and went to fight, only to return with a lostconnection to his family and girlfriend (O’Brien, 1990). All theseshow that the war had more cost than it was thought to have in theeconomic and political perspectives. The success of the story inpresenting these issues lies in the objectivity of O’Brien, who isnot just an author, but also a soldier involved in the Vietnam War.


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