The Twilight Zone

TheTwilight Zone

TheTwilight Zone

1965was quite an eventful year with the continued Vietnam War gettingintense by the moment, The Civil Rights march by Dr. Martin LutherKing Jr. from Selma to Montgomery, civil rights riots in Los Angelesand the Palm Sunday tornado outbreak. Music was no exception to thedynamism of the year with the tone of the most famous band of alltime in pop rock music history the Beatles having their second tourin the United States at Sher Stadium. Television was too not left outwith the premier of the very first colour television program. Theperiod of 1955 and 1965 was era of advancement in the televisionindustry with advancement to colour picture and creativity beyondsitcoms and documentary to fantasy and fiction (CBS, n.d).

TheTwilight Zone is one of the most popular television shows of alltimes with a print and film production all the way to the 21stcentury. The original show ran between 1959 and 1965 and aired on CBSled by playwright Rod Serling. It is ranked among the top 10 shows ofall time. Due to popular demand the show has been revived twice inthe late 80`s and between 2002 and 2003. The show was a new twist tothe viewers that brought drama fantasy thrill with a mix of sciencefiction and with a mysterious ending leaving them wanting for more.This was a completely new script to the norm and it was why it airedfor so long. The stories were unrelated and thus had a number ofthemes that ran back to back: war, government, society, racisms andhumanity combined with science fiction were all the aspects of eventsat the period of time the writer incorporated (CBS, n.d).

Theissues then such as racism were highlighted in a number of episodesto keep the scope of the scene relevant to the viewers. At the timethere was blow back of the injustice of racism in the society withnumerous civil rights charges against the scourge. There was also theconstant war at the period of time the Vietnam War that was growingintense as well as a flashback at the period of the World War 2 andfigures such as Adolf Hitler and his sadistic ideology against theJews. Also the show brought light to the plight of government indevelopment as well as the growing world economy and technologyadjustments. Some of the works of these episodes echo the progress inadvancement in space exploration and elements of space and town.

Thestories had a great deal of audiences and their relevance to thesociety and the current changing times had a bigger impact. Theissues created even more awareness and sensitized the viewer on alighter note on what times were all about. Twilight zone was the newshow in town and took the airways by storm. It definitely had animpact on the culture at the time. Science fiction was a new conceptthat was widely appreciated. Moreover, the popularity of the storiesgrew and the vices themed in the series made it subjects ofcontention and more light being shown on them. Clearly, the twilightzone wasn’t just a popular show it was the voice from afar thatmirrored the issues in social, cultural and political events at thetime.


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