The Urban Experience Scavenger Hunt


TheUrban Experience Scavenger Hunt

TheUrban Experience Scavenger Hunt

Thedocument below is a description of a visit to a city hall located inKansas City, Missouri, USA. The visit was very in that I was able toappreciate various aspects and features of an urban town. The cityhall is strategically positioned along the main road serving theKansas City. It is hence easily traceable even by a person who is notwell conversant with the city. The city hall has also been providedwith well-conditioned tarmac roads as well as an ample parking. Thisseems the main reason why the city hall has won the hearts of manypeople especially the rich people. The park’s chief visitors werethe wealthy people who came with their families or loved ones.

Thecity hall’s proximity to the main road as well as to the city makesit the best place for every person to be. Similarly, the city hall’sarea has tight security that with surveillance cameras installedaround the hall’s ground. It is evident that every person likes aplace where his or her security is assured. This explains the mainreason as to why people had chosen to be in the place especially thewealthy people. The city hall’s compound is very tidy, green, cooland spacious. It is well maintained whereby the grass is wellmaintained. There are also trees which makes the environment cool andwhereby people can hide under the shade in case of a scorching sun.The ground is very spacious and hence people choose the placesuitable for them and hence both large and small groups are wellaccommodated in that compound.

Theenvironment is very serene and its beauty attracts people to come forpicnic. Some people were enjoying taking photographs in thatenvironment while others were just relaxing under the trees whichwere in that compound. To crown the city hall’s environment’sbeauty, there is a pool of water supplied by springs which producesblue water. The architectural designs and carvings in that pool arevery attractive and appealing to everyone. This scene was a center ofattraction to everybody who had visited that city hall. Everyindividual was exited to take the pool of water photos as well asviewing the way the system was working. On top of watching otherswere taking each other photos capturing this amazing water. Otherswent ahead and touched the water to see whether it would color theirhands or clothes as well as smelling to verify whether it was odorantor not.

Thecity hall has a great package of attractive features that will makean individual to visit the place again and again. Finally there is achurch known as the community Christian church. It has spacious hallsthat can be used to hold any sort of a meeting as well as occasionslike a wedding. The church is in a perfect place as a meeting’s andoccasion’s venue. In simple terms the city hall has won in allaspects. It suits all nature of events an individual would requireand is suitable for the people of all walks of life. It is suitablefor meetings, occasions as well as picnic while the both people usingprivate or public means of transport are considered by the hall’sproximity to the main road. The designers of the city hall did acommendable job since it suits everybody who would require the hall’sservice.