The Youth and the War


As an 18 years old male high school senior, are you eager or fearfulof going to war?

Beingan 18 years old boy am fearful to go to war since according to thecivil right based on the fact that at that tender age am supposed tobe at school pursuing a career of choice. According to the civilright, it advocates security for individual countries and thus amsupposed to be protected so that I can have a favorable environmentto attain my goals. The right of individual was not fully grantedduring World War II. The civil right stated that human beings weresupposed to be protected and should not be interfered with. Being 18years old I was in a group of older boys and we had a responsibilityof fire watchers and acted as messengers. I was not hired as amilitary man though the rights of individuals were not granted.(Shelton, 2010). Many countries at that time did not have aconstitution and thus the civil right was prone to changes. Duringthat time the lawmakers had the capacity to change it so that it canmeet their need. For instance, in case of war being an 18 yearsstudent they could decide to hire and train me so that I can joinother troops in the war.

Beingan18 years old if the government starts training such youngindividuals it is stereotyped that the government is planning tostrength its paramilitary so that they can remain in power foreverand even attack their enemies. Training of paramilitary in manycountries has resulted in government coop-deter and mass killing ofthe citizens who are not royal to the government. If the governmenthas powerful paramilitary units, the government takes advantage ofthe oppositions where they are threatened and intimidated so thatthey can support the government.

Wheneveryoung people of my age join the war, it implies that theinternational events and other talents that are associated with youngpeople cannot be realized. From my perspective football and athleticsare some of the major international events that are held in differentcountries for example, after the mass killing of the Jews by AdolfHitler Germany held the Olympic Games thereby uniting many countriesand thus cohesion and integration among the countries is attained.Recruiting young people of my age indicates that the government wantsto sabotage the international events and thus talent is not nurtured.I like to associate myself with those international events since theyplay a critical role in ensuring that the body is kept fit and stillpractice the events as part of my career that should be achieved.

Asan 18 years old male high school if I join the war it implies thatthe economy of the country will decrease. Being a messenger,providing critical information concerning the enemy and fire watchersmeant that I could not work in the plantations. It is a challengebased on the fact that the economy was just deteriorating. Throughagricultural produce, it is possible to start farming that the oldergeneration does not have the capability to do it. Additionally, beingan 18 years boy if am employed in a company, and I have the relevantskills that are required then it means that I will benefit my countryeconomically (Cole, 2007). When all the young people of my age jointhe war, it indicates that the economy of the country will be ruineddue to financial problems to cater for the young people. It isimportant to consider the age of those people who can join the warand the experience they have. For instance, if at the moment I jointhe war then it implies that the possibility of being killed in thewar is high since I do not have the experience. It would mean thatthe country will lose energetic people who can contribute positivelyto the country growth.


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