Thinking Scientifically Assignment

ThinkingScientifically Assignment

ThinkingScientifically Assignment

  • First, search online for Galileo Was Wrong geocentric or geocentrism to find at least one website supporting this claim.

Geocentrismor geocentric belief was a long held belief among many peopleincluding scientists and they believed that the earth is the centerof the universe and all other planets move around it. This is also abelief that the church believed in. The Heliocentric belief that washeld by Galileo went contrary to the traditional belief (Redondi,2013).Galileo came up with the belief that the sun is the center of theuniverse and all other planets including the earth revolve around it.This notion did not go well with the church as they criticized it inall manner of its explanation. One support given for geocentrism isobviously from the biblical point of view. The Christian divinityholds that the main plan of God revolves around human life (Sungenisand Bennett, n.d). According to Christian theology, God’s begotten son is a humanGod is the creator of the Earth and all other creations for mankind(CatholicAnswers, n.d).

  • What do you think is reasonable about the claims made or arguments given?

Geocentrismis of the idea that, the earth as the center of the universe ismotionless. Physically this notion sound true. As humans we do notnotice the earth moving while we can see some evidence that the sunis moving (Boschiero,2012).When heliocentric believers argue that the earth moves around thesun, they do not convincingly argue in terms of the physicalexperiences of the humans. The sun rises from the east and sets inthe west. The argument is that, the sun is in motion around the earthhence the trend. They argued that, if earth really moves, thenpeople could experience parallax effect which in this case is notexperienced. Parallax is the effect of change in position of anobject relative to the position of the observer (Carter and Sarfati,2015). Another argument that strongly propelled this view is thebelief that, the earth was flat. With heaven/sky above it and hellbelow it, the earth must be flat. This argument was reinforced by thefact that globular shadow produced by the earth on the surface of themoon, the absence of direct line of sight of the globe, the varyingangles portrayed by shadows in various places at specific times andultimately the circumnavigation of the of the entire earth (Christianv. Astronomy, n.d).

  • What do you think is unreasonable? What red flags do you see which indicate that this may be pseudoscience?

Amongthe most ridiculous explanations of egocentric belief is that theearth unlike the rest of celestial bodies was just a few thousands ofyears (Christian v. Astronomy, n.d). This claim seems to be out ofplace because there was a lot of geographical proof that the earthwas much older than they were trying to argue. Those individuals whodared to present geographical proof like the slow movement of glacierand alteration in river courses or even sociological proof like thediscovery of artifacts from ancient civilizations of the vast humanpopulace were often rebuked and their writings destroyed. With thiskind of suppression of evidence that the earth could be revolvingaround the sun, geocentric claims did not appear to be genuine(Hartman&amp Nissim-Sabat, 2014).

  • Pick at least one argument made by the supporters of geocentrism. Briefly explain that argument.

Supportersof geocentrism often refer to the biblical teachings for support. Oneof the most quoted verse in the bible that support geocentrism isJoshua 10:12-13 where Joshua spoke to the Lord giving the Amoritesover to the Israelites and he said in full glare of the Israel that“The sun stand still at Gibeon, and the Moon in the valley ofAijalon” and no doubt the sun stood still while the moon stayed putuntil the nation took vengeance on their foes (Elert, 2008). Thisargument is in a biblical view and for believers, nothing canconvince them otherwise. It clearly proves that the sun and otherheavenly bodies including the moon revolve around the earth. Howeverthis argument fails to acknowledge any scientific evidence (Peters,2014). The power of science helps people to live beyond mere beliefs.The knowledge present supporting heliocentric belief is beyondreproach.

  • Find at least one critique of the geocentric argument (or, come up with your own) and explain.

Onecritique that is used to critique geocentrism is that the notion is avalid one, but it is not the only existing belief. With everyonebeing human, they believe state that the sun rises from the east andsets in the west (Plait, 2010). No one argues that the earth hasrotated half way and that’s why the sun is rising in the east inthe morning. Nevertheless when sending a space probe to otherplanets, such thinking makes no sense. It becomes logic to cite thesun as the center of the universe and measure the revolving androtating earth as just another planet (Plait, 2010). This makes iteasier and even comprehendible to work with. Geocentrism is not theonly view but is one of the views as even the rival view ofheliocentric may not answer all the questions regarding the universe.


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