Ticket to Paris


Ticketto Paris

Ticketto Paris

Ihad great joy to news of this opportunity to of win a ticket toParis. This is a chance to realize my childhood dreaqm. My childhoodfriend and I have been fascinated with the French cultures for ages.On countless occasions, we would compare our culture and the Frenchculture by taking sides in the comparison. Studying the history ofFrance and viewing picture of Paris was not enough. Therefore, wedreamt of visiting Paris one day of our lives.

AsI grew up, my interest intensified and I sought opportunities tovisit Paris. I noted that the affairs that can be criticized andthose to be appreciated. My aim is to modify it know more about Parisand experience the French culture. The adventure of life is to studyother people’s cultures and see what we can borrow (Pientka, 2010).I have always made a list of places with rich cultures that we wouldlike to visit. Guess what? Paris is number one on the list. Hope youwill grant me this opportunity to realize my dream of visiting Paris.Thank you in advance.


Pientka,C. A. (2010). Parisfor dummies.Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley.