Time management for a college mother

Timemanagement for a college mother

Timemanagement for a college mother

Timemanagement is a paramount aspect for every focused student.Procrastination is the biggest barrier to the academic success sinceit interferes with time management eventually causing stress and lackof memory. For a college mother this is a factor likely to featuredue to numerous roles expected of her (Jackson,2009).This implies that she has to be very keen on managing her time as thedocument analyzes.


Planningahead is one of the aspects that can help a college mother to manageher time effectively. This involves taking into consideration thethings that are upcoming in her program and planning on the best wayto handle them hence avoiding confusion. The second aspect that canassist her to manage time effectively is consolidating (Paige,2008).This entails keeping everything related at one place like children’ssports uniforms in a common drawer. This will save her from confusionand stress.Theother aspect that can help her manage time effectively is throughassessing her time. This entails looking closely on her timeexpenditure. The experts indicate that people spend up to one hour onirrelevant things which can either be put on hold on completelyeliminated.

Beinga college mother is not an easy task. However, I have learned thatunderstanding my program comprehensively hence prioritizing things isthe key factor towards managing time effectively. It helps greatly inavoiding procrastination of things which is the biggest enemy ofsuccess (Jackson,2009).Similarly, I have learned that my program needs to accommodate abackup plan to cater for crucial emergencies which can adverselyaffect my academic timetable. In simple terms, taking time to plan myprogram in advance and consolidating things are the key factorstowards managing my time effectively (Nesmith, 2004).


Theabove discussion reveals that although it is not an easy task for amother to be in college it is still possible. However, she has to bevery keen on her time management so that she can be able to learneffectively. Procrastination is the key thing to avoid and it canonly be avoided by proper time management which facilitatesprioritization.


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