Top Ten Companies to Work For 2014

TopTen Companies to Work For 2014

Yearly,Fortune magazine releases a list of the best 100 companies to workfor. The list is compiled with the help of the Great Place to WorkInstitute. The two companies conduct an extensive survey of workersin different companies in the United States. In 2014, a total of 257firms were involved in the study process during the making of thelist. The list helps job seekers know which company to seekemployment in and explains how the companies made it to the list.This paper aims to list the top ten companies for 2014 and profileone of them.

Top10 Best Companies to Work For 2014

  1. Google

  2. SAS

  3. The Boston Consulting Group

  4. Edward Jones

  5. Quicken Loans

  6. Genentech


  8. Intuit

  9. Robert W Baird &amp Co.

  10. DPR Construction

Fromthe top ten companies to work for in 2014, in this essay, the focuswill be on Google. The reason being, Google has been consistently atthe top of the list. In 2014, the company was ranked first in thelist for the fifth time. This scenario makes it interesting toprofile what the company so successful and constantly at the top ofthe Fortune Top 100 list. Most well-performing companies seem tooverwork or pressure their employees to deliver, but this does notappear to be the case for Google.

KeyFacts about Google

Googleis a global technology company based in Googleplex, Mountain View,California, in the United States. The company specializes inproviding Internet-related devices and services (Steiber, 2014).These include search engines, software development, online marketingand advertising and cloud computing. The company was founded in 1998in Menlo Park, California by Larry page, and Sergey Brin. As of thethird quarter of the 2015 fiscal year, Google had over 59,000 workersacross the globe. In 2014, the company collected US $ 66 billion inrevenue.

GoogleKey Characteristics

Googlehas several characteristics that make in one of the best companies towork for in the globe (Steiber, 2014). Google operates on aninnovation-oriented and change-driven culture. Second, Google hascompetent employees and leaders with a high level of leadershipskills. Google is a non-bureaucratic firm. Google operates a systemgeared towards recognizing and rewarding innovations. Google staffand attitude are all devoted to constant learning. Just like thestaff, the top managers are also motivated to bringing change andinnovations to the market. Lastly, Google values new ideas fromanyone irrespective of their rank in the company, giving everyone anequal opportunity to bring innovations and changes to the table.

Commonalitiesbetween Google and Southwest Airlines

LikeSouthwest Airlines, Google success stems from the companies cultureand business model. The two companies know the value of a motivatedworkforce and its role in bringing success to the company. Bothcompanies go all out to treat their employees well to have themworking at full potential. They encourage their employees to have funas they work because happy employees mean happy customers that thentranslate to increased profits.

WhyI Would Work for Google

Googleis one of the leading global technology companies. I would love towork for Google since their working conditions are very friendly tothe employees. Google employees must be a jubilant lot based on themany times that Google tops the Fortune list of the top 100 companiesto work for, including this year. Google has a broad range ofproducts and services. This gives employees a variety of jobs tochoose from, meaning that one gets to do the job they are best suitedin. Lastly, Google gives everyone an opportunity to develop theirideas and innovations irrespective of their rank in the company.Google’s success and culture are an attractive combination thatmake me long to work in the company.


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