Topic Andrew Fastow should not be able to speak on ethics in business schools

Topic:AndrewFastow should not be able to speak on ethics in business schools


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AndrewFastow is travelling to U.S. universities to lecture about hisexperience and to speak on the virtue ethics and his remorse, guilt,and penance. Althoughhe may also have good intentions of reinventing himself as a goodcitizen it is hard to know for sure his real intentions since hemight use the opportunity before him to gain fame.A convicted felon that committed deplorable acts of fraud is theleast favorable person to advise an impressionable university crowd.

Everyonein a leadership position should uphold ethical behavior as maintainedby virtue ethics.Bringing Fastow to talk to a university crowd creates a contagiousaffect. Students may perceive his punishment as minor and derive hisactions as “no big deal” or “I could get away with it.” Asix-year prison term is not enough for an individual convicted of theoffences that Fastow committed. &nbsp

AllowingFastow to speak on ethics shows that our society tolerates corruptionrather than discouraging it. It is wrong to give corrupt people aplatform to talk about their ordeals especially to futuregenerations. Thismay be dangerous as some students may view Fastow as a model.Fastow parallels with other criminals who committed crimes, did time,and became lecturers. They all lacked ethics in the jobs trusted tothem by others. However, they are the only ones who can decidewhether to change and live by example or not.

Thistheory, advocates for the importance of character in all humaninteractions. Theindividual needs to have prior knowledge of what virtue ethics.Consequently,the individual assesses various aspects of their life and strives toadopt virtues such as honesty, integrity, and courage, among manyothers.These virtues are highly valued in society and therefore theindividual uses them to build good character. The individual willthus gain practical wisdom and through it he or she will alwaysstrive to do what is best.