Types of Communication Skills

Typesof Communication Skills

Communicationis about sending, relaying, or exchange of information and ideas fromone channel to another. This can be done through verbal or non-verbalmeans. Communication can provide comfort or hurt depending on the wayit is used by an individual. For communication to provide comfort andbe effective in fulfilling the intended reasons, the communicatorsshould apply certain communication skills. Through a demonstration oftypes of communication skills and their relationship to social andpersonal responsibility, this paper presents a description, criticalanalysis and application of the same. The paper draws on texts fromThomas Pynchon the crying of lot 49.

Communicationrefers to the sending and relaying of information from the sender tothe receiver either through verbal or nonverbal means. Because verbaland nonverbal means of communication are used on daily basis, it iscritical for people to devise ways of getting the most out of theinformation being relayed. The communicator too should have skillsthat ensure that the information is passed to the other parties inthe best way possible and without hurting one another. In connectionto this, there exist three main types of communication skills relatedto social and personal responsibility. They include interpersonalskills, written communication skills, as well as businesscommunication skills.

Interpersonalskills are very important in ensuring good communication. There arevarious applicable tips if an individual is to possess goodinterpersonal skills. An individual with good interpersonal skillsshould most importantly learn to listen first. For communication tobe effective, it should be two-way. This calls for a person to be agood listener to be able to grasp the information being passed on.Interpersonal skills also call for a person to ask questions in a waythat shows interest and be in a relaxed manner. An individual withgood interpersonal skills should be in a position to question acommunication that has a different point of view with what is knownto him. For instance, “I came hoping you could talk me out offantasy” (Pynchon, 54) is clearly put and does not need much effortto decode the information. Adherence to these tips ensures goodcommunication that shows social and personal responsibility of thecommunicators, as it was the case with the information being passedby Oedipa.

Agood communicator should possess good written skills similarly toverbal communication. Written communication skills are thereforeimportant are very critical in relaying a message in an effectiveway. Possession of the right written skills ensures that the rightmessage is passed in the most appropriate way making communicationclear and concise (Schramm, 11). The most critical point in gettingwritten communication right is having knowledge on the right format.The crying of lot 49 by Thomas has been written in a clear languagethat is easily understandable, and a reader can easily connect withthe story line. The most important tips to be keen on with writtencommunication is to ensure that the purpose of the communication isclear, use of the appropriate and correct grammar, and applying theright tone. These tips relate to individual and social responsibilityin that written communication can be applied by either individualwhen passing personal information or the society as the case with thecrying of lot 49.

Allbusiness aspects require communication as information is being passedacross the chains of command. Proper staff training on businesscommunication is very important in ensuring good morals in thecompany, increase in production, elevated sales, and greater customersatisfaction. The major tip of ensuring that business communicationskills work for the best is to provide relevant training aboutcommunication in the place of work. This is achievable throughtraining members on the methods of communication, having a goodunderstanding of the audience, and avoiding distortion of a messageas it flows across the chain of command. This promotes personal andsocial responsibility. In the crying of lot 49 by Thomas, freedom ofexpression promoted an individual’s ability to develop identities.

“Icame”, she said, “Hoping you would take me out of a fantasy. “(Pynchon, 54). This example shows assertiveness in Oedipa is whencommunicating. This trait stems from good interpersonal skills. Agood communicator should have the right tone and talk in a relaxedmanner. It also shows that she took time to listen carefully to whatthe other party was saying before presenting her thoughts. Oedipaalso wondered whether at the end of it all, just like the otherpeople, would end up with no memories of the happenings. Theinformation was however not close to the truth and blazing out of thememories would lead to a complete distraction of the message. Thebook portrays a scenario of inhibited interpersonal skills incommunication. If the society understood such skills, they would becertain to question any information passed on through theannouncements and enquire about the issues they believe to becontroversial.

Applyingthe right variable can make an individual identify their identitieswhereas application of the wrong variables inhibits the ability. Theuse of the right interpersonal skills by the characters in the cryingof lot 49 has to a great extent shaped my identity and helpedestablish my place in the society. Oedipa had good interpersonalskills and had a good way of communicating what she believes in themost appropriate way. This has greatly influenced my view on my placeand helped me understand that one can always enquire about somethingthey do not deem appropriate. As long as the enquiry is done in anamicable way, no harm is caused. One can appropriately present his orher views even if they contradict those of the others in the society.


Communicationis the sending of information from the sender to the receiver. Forthe communication to be effective, the send should convey the messageappropriately, and the receiver should interpret the informationappropriately. Various communication skills play a critical role inensuring that communication is effective and useful to both senderand the receiver. Beside presenting information through making use ofthe written communication skills, the crying of lot 49 helps readersin understanding how to make communication effective. The majorvariables affecting and shaping an individual’s ability isinterpersonal skills and written communication skills. The book iswritten in clear and appropriate grammar with issues being presentedin a continuous prose enabling a reader to grasp the content easily.The characters as well have employed use interpersonal skillspromoting the readers ability to shape their identity and place inthe society.


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