UAE Islamic Banks service quality

UAEIslamic Banks service quality

UAEIslamic Banks service quality

of the article

Thearticle is about service quality in the UAE Islamic banks. Thearticle tries to compare the quality of service between Abu DhabiIslamic Bank and the UAE Islamic bank. Data that was analyzed usingthe linear regression model clearly shows that there is a positiverelationship or correlation that exists be SERVQUAL dimension and theoverall service quality in the UAE Islamic banks. Further, it wasdiscovered that tangibles, as well as empathy, are the mostsignificant dimensions[ CITATION Asm12 l 1033 ].There is no major difference between the level of general servicequality in the Abu Dhabi as well as the UAE Islamic banks as it wasindicated by the ANOVA (analysis of variance) results. Also, theresults of the analysis show that there is no major difference in thelevel of quality services based on client’snationality and gender in the UAE. However, the result still indicates thatthere is a big difference based on education, age and duration ofservice with the bank in the level of service.

Problemof the article

Whatare the parameters that are set to compare the quality service in thebanking industry?

Researchquestions of the article

Theresearch questions in this article are clearly indicated in thearticle

Whatare the most significant dimensions for measuring service quality?

Whyare there quality service differences yet it is the same industry?

Methodthat has been employed in the article

Theauthor of the article collected information from the two banks usinga questionnaire that were completed and returned to him. The datagathered was analyzed by the use of linear regression models as wellas the ANOVA method.


Thearticle concludes that there is a major difference between qualityservice levels in the UAE Islamic banks at is based on the durationof the period with the bank, client’s education as well as the age.


Asma , R. (2012). A comparative study in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Customer satisfaction and service quality in Islamic banking, 165 – 175.