UMUC Haircuts case study


UMUCHaircuts case study

UMUCHaircuts case study

InUMUC haircuts, we value the services we offer to our customers. Inorder to ensure that we offer quality services, it is essential forMyra, as the manager to acquire some information from the customersso as to ensure that they give him/her the best (Hayeset al.,2005). The information can be obtained through asking the clientparticular questions and receive answers. The first question thatMyra would like to get answers of is whether the client has evervisited them before and if he/she has how he/she perceives theservices he/she received. This is an operational question that willhelp to rectify any mistake that occurred to ensure customer’ssatisfaction.

Thenext question that Myra would like to get answers is the main reasonas to why the client preferred their services over other providers.This is a strategic question since it aims to understand theuniqueness of UMUC haircut. The other question that Myra will be keento get its answers of is whether the client is comfortable with themachines used. This is an operational question since it aims atunderstanding the impression their technology create. The businesswill greatly benefit from these questions since they will understandhow contented their clients are. They will also understand behaviorsor activities or technology which can contribute loss of clients(Hayeset al.,2005). They will be able to make strategic changes which will helpthe business to be more competitive. Myra would tell the client themain aim of asking him/her those questions is to understand his/herpreferences so that they can attend him/her satisfactorily. Myra cansum it by saying that their main objective as business is ensuringthat the clients receive their best and that was the sole reason ofasking those questions.


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