UMUC Haircuts Case Study


UMUCHaircuts Case Study


Question one

UMUC Haircuts willbegin feeling the pain of high cost and missed opportunities due toinability to respond effectively and in time to the demands of thecustomers. UMUC Haircuts may even lose customers when stove-pipeddata prevents consistent integration between scheduling, supplymanagement, and marketing departments. For instance, customers may beupset when the book appointments with employees and the assignedemployee are not on schedule when the customers come for theappointment. This will adversely impact UMUC Haircuts since thecustomers may be unwilling to be assigned to another stylist orrefuse to book another appointment.

Question two

The benefits UMUCHaircuts could realize from implementing an enterprise-wide system isthe ability to see the connection between different departments. UMUCHaircuts will have financial benefits when people demand specifichaircuts and product order throughout the year. This will enableplanning by financial capability.

Question three

Itshe had all information in one place, she will be able to adjustdecision-related to cost, outcome and time. She will be able toidentify and determine personal demands of both employees andcustomers. She will be required to micro-manage the employee untilshe can delegate duties so as to improve operations of the business.The decision will involve communication at all levels of UMUCHaircuts.

Question four

It will be sensible to begin with ERP system. ERP system will allowthe integration of business processes and functions like planningappointments for the customers, employee timetable, purchasingsupplies, and marketing (Turban et al., 2013). The integration ofthese business functions and process will allow the efficientutilization of resources with an aim of increasing businessoperations.


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