VP of Global Sales for MyBigIdea Virtue Ethics

VPof Global Sales for MyBigIdea: Virtue Ethics

VPof Global Sales for MyBigIdea: Virtue Ethics

Virtueethics is among three main approaches that make up normative ethics.Initially, it could be identified as that which emphasizes moralcharacter, or virtues contrasting on the approach that focuses onrules (deontology) or duties. MyBigIdea is an organization committedto attaining a balance of representation and gender equality. Thebalance of representation is meant for both male and female executivedirectors and members at 40-60% range. The facts about MyBigIdeainclude the company’s securing of policy that had more womenexecutives after an IPO process (Walker &amp Ivanhoe, 2007).MyBigIdea is founded on strong ethical principles. The ethicalprinciples are evident with this culture by observing and listeningto both the employees and clients.

Lookingat some of the ethical issues, those companies which are listed atToronto Stock Exchange, total number of women vary, especially inexecutive positions with large firms boasting a higher number. Again,market regulators implemented amendment rule that required issuers toannually disclose the total number of women seating on the board ofdirectors (Walker &amp Ivanhoe, 2007There are also some ethicalissues, which include tussles of who should be the next vicepresident of MyBigIdea. This is because the stakeholders are worriedabout the future of the company once a woman vice president is put inplace.

Basedon my moral imagination, vice president of MyBigIdea should be awoman. Considering Steve Foran, the Vice President of HR, is leadingthe all search, male applicants should not be restricted either inapplying for the vacant position. Instead, as much as a female may beneeded for gender equality issues, the executives in the companyshould advocate for gender equality (Walker &amp Ivanhoe, 2007).Impact on stakeholders may include higher risks on their moneyinvested in the company.


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