Vygotskyâ Social Constructionism Theory

Human beings havedifferent level of analyzing and solving problems. There is need toengage brain from different people for instance somebody who hashigher ability and can help others to solve the problems. There isneed to enhance understanding of the learners so that they can getthe required materials to solve a certain stuff in the class. Fromthe case study where Ms. Robinson is teaching bible study and thestudent are restructured into groups so that they can interpret andexplain the scripture. After being grouped into groups the studentdid not get the way forward to explain the stuff. The paper willdiscuss how Ms. Robinson can structure the lesson for the sake ofstudent understanding using Vygotsky social construction theory.

What was going wrongis that the student did not understand how to explain the scripture.The student level of understanding was low and thus they were notable to act alone. The student though they are in class they havenot fully matured. The students are in the maturation process andthey need guidance so that they can later act independently.

Using the Zone ofProximal Development (ZPD) human beings have different levels ofmaking logical decisions. The level of brain may have not maturedenough to grasp the ideas that are tested in the scripture. Thestudent required assistance so that they could grasp the ideas thatMs. Robinson was testing. To help the student grasp the materialsrequired Ms. Robinson is suppose to act as a mediator according toVygotsky Social Construction. Being a mediator implies that Ms.Robinson should be part and parcel of the discussion since thestudent are not able to handle the stuff alone(Semenovich,1896-1934). For instance, when parents are bringing uptheir children they have to teach them how to handle their personalissues now and then till they grasp and handle the issues alone. Inthis case Ms. Robinson is suppose to interact with the student tillthey grasp the materials and afterwards they should be left alonesince their mental ability will have developed.

Vygotsky zone ofproximal development in the social construction was testing how thestudent can perform alone in comparison to assisted performance whenthey are solving problems. The theory also explains the importance ofinteraction for assistance and guidance so that they can performbetter when working independently (Semenovich, 1896-1934). Lastly, itincorporates mediation as an interaction method that will help thestudent grasp the materials. Mediation as a social interaction isimportant during learning since the social interaction will lead tostudent grasping the materials required. The interaction makes itpossible for the student to focus on whether he or she has the ideasto handle the information required. Through interaction the studentwill grasp the meaning of the materials and thus solve the problemwithout any challenge.

The theory concludesthat teachers have better understanding and higher level of graspinginformation than the student. The teacher is the coach and thus willguide and assist the student to grasp the materials. By guiding thestudent Ms. Robison will help the student work independently afterexperiencing some challenges alone. The theory plays an importantrole by incorporating knowledge to the student and making sure thatthe student will work independently later.


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