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Aftertwo semesters in the Science department, I submit this request for atransfer to the Art department as Bachelor of Science major. The sixyears I dedicated to studying painting have given me a sufficientfoundation in artistic drawing. The skills I acquired there gave meadequate skills in watercolor sketches and the likes. The trainingcombined with frequent practice give me an edge when it comes to art.Moreover, both my parents work in the arts field, and my family isfully supportive of this move and their support is assured wheneverit may be needed.

Twosemesters after joining the Science Department at the University, Ihave felt that my interests and hobbies are more inclined to art thanthey are to science. With this background in mind, I believe that atransfer to the art department would be of great benefit to me. Ontop of my interest in visual arts, I also have a strong attractiontowards jewelry design.

Artruns in our family. Everyone in my family does something artistic,and this is one of the factors that have influenced me towards art.My mother owns and operates a design bookstore. The store isfrequented by art lovers, artists and students since stocks a widevariety of books. The books she sells cover all aspects of art,ranging from photography set designing to script writing. My father,on the other hand, used to work as a construction designer, and mysister is also into art. Simply put, we are a family that loves andpractices a form of art.

Oneof my greatest lifetime goals is to own an art studio. In the studio,I will be in a position to make some fine ornaments and jewelry. Iwill also display my best paintings in the studio for viewing by allwho visit the store. My second dream that relates to art is to workas a special effects artist. The biggest inspiration of this desireis an American special effect reality show called FACE OFF that Iwatched many years ago. The show ignited a great deal of interest inspecial effects in me. I aspire to do great special effects like theAmerican artists I saw in the program. As of now, I know that thisdream is far-fetched. Consequently, I intend to focus all myattention on advancing my basic knowledge in visual arts andimproving my skills if given the opportunity.

Theschool environment and its position in the arts field are the othermotivating factors behind my move to apply to join the artdepartment. Our school is ranked the best nationally in the area ofmetal jewelry. I happen to have many friends who graduated in metaljewelry. Every time I visit them and see what they do in theirworkshops, I feel greatly convinced this is what to with my life.Jewelry making is the joy of my life and getting this requestaccepted would mean a lot to me.

Inmy last two semesters in arts, I did much work in sculpting andpainting. On top of laying the foundation for my painting, I alsolearned a lot about my country. Art is the reason I left my countryChina and moved to the United States because I feel that arteducation in the US is more developed than that in China. For themore, arts in the two countries are different and getting to learnthe US part of it will be a mind-opening experience that I would loveto experience if my request for a transfer is granted.