Water Fluoridation in U.S

WaterFluoridation in U.S

Waterfluoridation should be banned in U.S

Waterfluoridation is putting of fluoride chemical into the water suppliesused by the public with the aim of decreasing cavities. In the UnitedStates of America, approximately sixty-five of the United Statespopulation uses water with fluoride that is provided by the communityservices within the nation. Fluoride can be defined as an ioniccompound that is gotten from fluorine, which forms one of the mostreactive element. The U.S. should disallow the use of fluoride inwater or fluoridation in water.

Thereasons against and for Water fluoridation

Reasonagainst the Water fluoridation

Theuse of fluoridation water has adverse effects, especially at thetender age. The use of the high amount of fluoride in water causesmental retardation among the children. A constant usage offluoridation water by the community leads to slow building up offluoride in the pineal gland that is harmful to the human health(Lauer, Rubel&amp American Water Works Association, 2004). It alsoimpairs the defense system that is linked to the antioxidant. Waterfluoridation is linked to dangerous health problems because itgathers in sensitive tissue gradually, which produces much adversehealth complication such as fracturing of the bones, cancer, and theskeletal fluorosis (Connett, Beck, &amp Micklem, 2010). It alsocauses disorder with different types of enzymes found in the body.

Reasonin favor for the argument

However,fluoridation in water still has some health benefits, if it is usedin the correct amount of the water. The right amount of fluoride indrinking water helps in bidding the tooth enamel (Steyn, 2008). Thismakes the tooth resist any form of attack from the acid relatedbacteria. Prevention of tooth decay, by use of correct concentrationof fluoride in water, helps to prevent serious health diseases thatspread infection into the gum and subsequently to the entire jaw(Mercola.com, 2015)

Inconclusion, the adverse effects of fluoridation in water cannot beassumed. The government and any related health depart should ban itto limit the adverse effects, especially among the young children.


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