Water Shortage in Arizona

The issue I want to investigate about is the water shortage inArizona. The major reason for choosing this topic is the currentrationing that farmers are being subjected due to the decreased levelof water in Lake Mead. The lake serves as the largest storagefacility along the Colorado River (Tellman 8). Most of the farmers inArizona rely on the lake for irrigation water Owen and Wilson 4).Since its construction, the water level is at eh lowest level, andthis has instigated the water administrators to start an indefiniterationing to farmers and other users. Through research, I hope tounearth information about whether there are other sources of waterthat can be diversified to address the shortage.

In doing so, Iwill have a list of activities to carry out

Reviewinginformation about the problem-2-weeks

Preparing datacollection tools- 1 week

Conductinginterviews and surveys-2 weeks

Compiling thedata- 1 week

Revising andwriting the final draft- 2 weeks

I intend to review the existing literature relating to the issue ofthe water shortage in Arizona. These will lay the groundwork for theresearch by providing background information. I intend to interviewkey people in water administration in Arizona including the managersof Lake Mead. I will get their view on the major causes andimplications of the water shortage and their recommendations on theissue. I will also approach the Arizona Farm Bureau office to gettheir view on the problem and get information on how they are helpingfarmers to cope with the issue of water shortage.

I intend to usethe following questions in my inquiry

1. What is theprimary cause of water shortage in Arizona

2. What arethe implications of the shortage to farmers and other users

3. What arethe possible remedies to water shortage

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