Week 2 Discussion 1-Part 2


Week2 Discussion 1-Part 2


Oneof the most contentious issues in the modern society has been theissue of same sex marriages. Peer argument is valid and based oncorrect analysis of the issue. However, there are opportunities tomake the argument stronger and more convincing. In the firstargument, the peer argues that gay marriages go against the will ofGod. It is important to note that the world is dominated byChristianity and other mainstream religions. These religions arebased on divine instruction on how individuals are expected to relatewith each other as well as God. Christians understand marriage as adivine commitment between a man and a woman. Although there has beenarguments that the modern society is or need to be more accommodativeto people with diverse sexual orientation, majority of religionsconsider same sex marriages as a sin. Religious groups andinstitutions all over the world have maintained that gay marriagesare unacceptable because they are against God’s will. This isdespite the increased number of liberals within the mainstreamreligions who have argued against this conservative stands. Thesecond argument is also valid. There is no doubt that theintroduction of gay marriages weakens the institution of marriage.Traditionally, the marriage institution was respected as thefoundation and future of the society, in addition to being divine.Considering homosexual relationships to be valid marriages furthererodes the respect awarded to the institution of marriage. Itincreases the number of non serious unions, which further worsens thesituation. The peer should have strengthened the argument byintroducing an argument that favors gay marriages and then refute theargument by stating why he thinks the argument is not valid.