Week 2 Discussion 1-Part 3


Week2 Discussion 1-Part 3

Fromthe arguments presented by the classmates, there is a false premisein the arguments. The second premise and the third premise are true,but the first premise is false. Indicating that legalization ofrecreational marijuana would bring tax dollars that would aid inboosting the economy is not true. Although the legalization ofrecreational marijuana would bring tax dollars to the economy, thetax dollars would not be beneficial to the economy because the taxdollars would be offset by social cost. When recreational marijuanabecomes legalized, it would be easy to open up the sale of illegalmarijuana this would imply that a lot of people would have access tomarijuana in the name of recreational use. This would mean that a lotof people would become exposed to social problems, making the taxdollars from recreational marijuana not capable of boosting theeconomy. For instance, social problems such as lost productivity andcriminal justice would be on the increase a move that would renderthe tax dollars from marijuana useless.

Inorder to make all their premises true, it would be critical for theclassmates to change the first premise by indicating that althoughthere are tax dollars that would be obtained by legalizingrecreational marijuana, the tax dollars collected would be offset bysocial costs that would emerge from the legalization. It would alsobe important to indicate that there are deaths resulting fromindirect effects of marijuana in the second premise. This would helpthe classmates in making a more valid conclusion concerning whetherrecreational marijuana should be made legal or not after makingcorrections to the premises, it would be easy to see that there wouldbe no need of legalization of recreational marijuana.