Week 2 Discussion 1


In the first argument, the first premise is true while the secondpremise is false. It is true that at times social media acts as theway for contacting relatives and allies. However, it would be falseto say that one can quickly glance at their phone. Although one doesnot use company electronics to access social media, it is notpossible to glance quickly when browsing through maybe facebook ortwitter. Social media is highly addictive and new information isposted online every minute or in seconds. Hence, accessing socialmedia slowly drifts the concentration of the employee from the workthey are supposed to be doing. The social media activity in this casehappens on the job, just that the employee does not use companyelectronics. In order to make the premise true, it is important toinclude that an employee easily accesses social media using theircell phone only when responding to urgent issues from family orfriends.

The second argument is true in both premises and the conclusion. Itis true because, although access to social media by not using companyelectronics does not provide a foundation for firing workers, anemployee still uses company time. The main issue is the time spent onsocial media, regardless of whether one uses their phone or thecompany’s. The time that the employer should be working is insteadsubstituted doing other things that may result in unproductiveness.Supposing a worker becomes addicted to social media, it becomesimpossible to create boundaries between when to work and when toaccess social media. Hence, almost all the work time is spent online.The company may sack the worker as he/she uses company time wrongly.