Week 5 Discussion 1 Part 2


Week5 Discussion 1 Part 2

Ithas been argued that, in case people are guided virtues, they shouldnot stereotype what a given sex is thinking. I think this is truebecause virtues focus on what is good or actions that would result inthe attainment of goodness. Stereotyping based on sex of anindividual may lead to hurting an individual, which is not part ofcreating goodness. Thus, in case individuals are guided by virtuesthey should not stereotype the actions of another person based onsex.

Fromthe feminist ethics point of view, women have been associated withfeminine actions such as taking care of kids, which has led to womenbeing relegated to becoming famous in undertaking the role of thehousewife. However, I agree that this is a traditional role that haschanged with time. Although feminine ethics have led to womenbelieving that they should be associated with certain virtues such ascaring, it is critical for women to understand that such feminineethics may result in women focusing on developing certain virtuesonly and associating some virtues with men. Acquiring of some virtuesand ignoring some because one is a woman may be detrimental to thesociety in the achievement of goodness.

Isupport the argument that there should not be any different standardsfor women and men. In the attainment of goodness, men and womenshould be gauged similarly. The virtues should not be based onwhether one is a woman or a man, but virtues should be based onethical foundations. This would be critical in the achievement ofhigh moral standards and would ensure that no one is perceived to beless important in the society.