Wenting Zhou



785Richmond Drive,

LasVegas, USA.

21STOctober 2015

Mr.Jim Burns,

HumanResource Director,


64Drake Lane, #10,

NewJersey, 10890

DearMr. Jim,

Applicationfor 3D artist, UI / UX artist or designer –

Iam writing in reply to the advertisement posted on Shell GamesWebsite (www.shellgames.com)for various full time and part time internship positions. I wouldlike to express my interest in the 3D artist, UI / UX artist ordesigner part time position. I am a recent graduate of Michigan StateUniversity in Bachelor of Arts specialized in Creative Advertisingand Rowan University also specializing in Advertising.

Inthe last four years, I have gained significant experience and skillsin adobe Photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, WebsiteDevelopment, InDesign, Light room, text wrangler and after effects. Iwould appreciate being part of 61c Studios to assist in designinghigh quality PC, mobile console, VR and location based games.

Havingworked at multiple organizations in China and United States ofAmerica, I have developed professional and personal skills relevantfor achieving the duties and responsibilities of the 3D artist, UI /UX artist or designer position. Currently, I am a Designer andMarketing Specialist at Fuji Mall. The main roles andresponsibilities include assisting the online salespersons indealing with the follow up services and aiding interviewing newapplicants. As a Designer and Marketing Specialist, I havesuccessfully designed logos, posts, web pages, booklets and eventspromotions.

Inmy current and previous positions, I have magnificently met tightdeadlines and used virtuous organizational skills to manage myworkload efficiently. At Pioneer Studios Company, I successfullydesigned multiple websites that included the company logos andimages. I have three years’ experience in web designing indifferent companies The Greater Chinese Association, BeijingTtjiehuo Science and Technology Company and Medshine MedicalInstrument Company.

Iam a team player. I participated in the development of “MSU Dine atHome” application. As part of the team, I was responsible forgraphics design, art design and programming work for the newapplication. I have been an intern at Homimart Online Stores andEveryday Restaurants Products Inc. As an intern in both companies, myprimary duties and responsibilities involved website designing andprogramming works. I served as a cashier at Everyday Restaurants andlater on promoted to a managerial position.

Ihave been awarded for exemplary performance and nominated for variousawards. I was nominated for the New York Campus Movie Festival. Ireceived an honors on, “Third Place of The Media Sandbox Challenge”and $1,500 from Michigan State University. I have also received twoscholarships from Michigan State $1,000 scholarshipawarded by “the schalon scholars’ awards” and $1,000scholarship awarded by “the Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance.”

Ibelieve that granted an internship opportunity for 3D artist, UI / UXartist or designer at 61c Studios would be a great milestone inimproving my learning experience, professional and personal skills. Ifeel that my experience, education level, skills and enthusiasm forwebsite design would give me a competitive advantage for theinternship position.

Pleasefind the attached resume. I would welcome the opportunity to discussmy appropriateness for 3D artist, UI / UX artist or designerposition. Kindly contact me on 1 (702) 232-6783.