Why People love California

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WhyPeople love California

Thename California bears the fantasy it’s a mythical island wheregold exists and Amazon women dwell. From historical facts, manypeople ran to California for the Gold during the great depressionhoping to strike rich. They also fled to California during the DustBowl hoping for better living standards than they left behind. As aresult, it became the most populous state in the United States ofAmerica. The cause and effect phenomenon present the culture and theweather presents the effect.

Cultureand People

Afterthe migration of people when they rushed to get the gold and improvetheir living standards, the effect was a culture of brilliant andtalented people. The people are humble and are developed in terms oftechnology in that they have replaced normal words with techie ones.This is from the Silicon Valley area where there are many companiesrelated to technology. People use the term bandwidth rather thantime. The technology is supreme. Silicon Valley in California istechnologically ahead. People use ipads in church to read notes.Also, the people have a rich culture and a diverse one. When anindividual walks around, it is not hard to get people with differentlanguage groups (Matthewsand Glenna85)

Thereis a mixture of different ethnicities which is amazing. A mixture ofculture prevents close mindedness. It also encourages people to existoutside their little bubble that the world is wide and waits to beexplored and discovered. The culture is a cause phenomenon whichencourages people to live with people of different diversities,cultures and religions. The existence of Filipino places encouragesthe Filipinos to feel as if they are at their country (Matthewsand Glenna86).

Fromthe onset of gold rush, California has experienced immigration wherethe California born residents are the majority of the people. Therich culture serves as a prerequisite upon which many people lovemigrating to and living in California. The California culture is thatof the western culture which derives roots in the United States andinfluence of Hispanic. As a coastal and border state, the culture isinfluenced by the immigration from Asia and Latin America. The peoplehere are diverse in terms of technology, lifestyle, living standards,way of life and the way they present themselves in differentsituations. This is quite encouraging especially when it acts as aground upon which diverse cultures and people interact together andform one unified state. Racial segregation is very few since thepeople have tried to establish their own culture and not necessarytaking into consideration the culture they came from. Thisestablishes integration and unity among the ethnic tribes (Matthewsand Glenna 87).

Californiais the subject of interest in the minds of people and is oftenpresented as a paradise. The golden state in the 20thcentury was presented as an ideal tourist destination, dry and sunnyall year round with easy access to the mountains and ocean. The musicgroups promoted California image in the 60s as tanned beach goers orlaid back. Finally, the golden rush is still regarded as an economicstyle of California in entertainment, generating technology,socialism, economic booms and fads and social (Matthews and Glenna100)

Sceneryand Weather

Theeffect of weather is an encouraging factor to people. California hasalmost everything. By everything I mean, it has beaches, deserts,mountain and many more. The Bay area is really enjoyable since thereis variety within a driving distance. When an individual needs tofeel the rush of the big crowded city,the city life presents beautiful manmade scenery. The oceans and themountains are breathtaking at the beach at the half moon bay isequally attractive. California is surprisingly cold especially thebay area. Nevertheless, during the day, the temperatures are idealbut during the night they fall considerably (Cayan 67).

Californiais always sunny though sometimes there is torrential downpour. Thismakes it attractive to the tourist who spends their holidays in thiscity. In walking, biking and running, the weather is favorable wherean individual can exercise at any time of the day. California issituated on the western side of U.S. it has about 800 miles ofpacific coast and that vary from rocky shores in the north and sandybeaches in the south. The mountains plunge midway up the coast intothe sea. There is an array of mountains along the coast. The valleyis productive agricultural areas which mean that food is plenty. Thedesert extends into Nevada which provides beautiful and strangescenery for people to come and watch (Cayan 68).

Theclimate varies from location to location. It is semi-tropical alongthe south coast with arid areas in the eastern and southernextremities. The north is mildly temperate. As a result, people dolove California since one can lounge on a warm sandy beach or ski onsnow or drive down the intense heat deserts at the same day. Thetemperature of California is favorable almost all year. The coolbreeze moderates the heat during the summer and keeps winters mild.These temperatures are favorable for people to explore and discoverwhat the nature has and at the same time achieve personalsatisfaction and memories (Cayan 69).


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