Wolf Pack Training

WolfPack Training

WolfPack Training

Despitethat age is a crucial factor in determining the comprehension levelin children, it is imperative for my pack to understand the meaningas well as the expectations of their new roles. I live in Missouriwith my two stepdaughters. Both of them are interested in playingsoccer. They gained interest in the sport after I began helping achild of one my friends to prepare for the city league games. I amoptimistic that my daughters will excel in the sport and even earnscholarships in the future. I feel happy that I can help kids aroundme achieve something they can enhance their self-esteem.

Regularsoccer training begins with muscle training to make the legs strongenough. The exercise includes conducting four sets of squats. Aplayer needs to complete ten squats and then take a rest for oneminute. Secondly, they also perform lateral, backward and forwardlunges to enhance the body strength (Gatz, 2009).

Thenext step includes learning the way to control the ball effectivelyusing the legs. Besides I will train the players the best places tobe so that that the player with the ball can pass the ball easilywhen they cannot maneuver anymore. This step is intricate, as itrequires effective body balance. The player should be able to wigglethrough the opponents without letting them take the ball away. Thisprocess requires both speed and resilience. As such, choosing theright diet for the players is also critical. They require feeding onhigh-energy food for them to play a whole game (Gatz, 2009).

Thirdly,I train the players the tactics for shooting a ball accurately. Theinitial phase involves training to shoot penalties and corner balls.I divide the players into two teams so that one group defends thegoalposts while the other will try to score. That way, I canidentify the players’ weaknesses and correct them. The second phaseinvolves shooting penalties. Each player has an opportunity forshooting five penalties. Penalties help the players to enhance theiraccuracy as well as improve the skills of the goalkeeper (Gatz,2009).

Sofar, the Wolf Pack team has improved tremendously. In fact, they willbe part of the teams that will participate in the North County soccercompetition. I want the best for the team, but I am not veryoptimistic that they can win. Nevertheless, the game will help themto acquire more experience in playing professional soccer. They needto develop positive attitude and conviction that they can defeatother rivals who are already household names in the college soccerleague. Finally, High self- esteem is crucial for soccer players, asthe game demands effective psychomotor skills (Gatz, 2009).


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