Working of A Stapler


Workingof A Stapler

Astapler is a common office device that is used to lock paperstogether. Besides, a stapler can be used for tacking. Staplersusually come in two different types, which entail the electric andmanual. The manual staplers are usually hand-held while the electricstaplers exist in different models and designs. Among the two types,the manual stapler is very common in offices and it is the one thatwill be described in this report. A common stapler is as illustratedin the figure 1 below.

Theworking of a stapler is based on the lever system. When using astapler, it is hand-held and then sheets of paper that needs to belocked together inserted between its openings. It is after this thatforce is applied in order to bring the staples out and lock thepapers together (Benner, 2013). The working of a stapler is usuallyfacilitated by eight significant parts these parts will be discussedin the following paragraphs.


Thisis the part of a stapler, which holds all the other parts consistedin the stapler together. The body is usually connected to the base bya rear pin-joint.

Basewith Anvil

Thebase entails a flat metal plate having a built-in anvil. A notch isusually cut on one side of the base while the other side is flat. Itoffers rise to the sides of the return spring to join with it atvarious points of operation (Benner, 2013). There is a smooth curvedgrove made at the anvil that curls staples without bulging it.


Staplesare usually U-shaped wire pieces that are supplied in the form of acontinuous strip of metal that has transverse lines of weakness thatare impressed along its length in order to define individual staples.Thus, the magazine holds the staples in position.


Thispart is made of spring steel. It plays two roles one of its end actsas the blade while the other end functions as a two arm leaf spring.


Thispart is usually made of a material that has high strength since thisspring is normally stretched more than its usual length.


Thispart is very critical since staples are placed on this part. Adiagrammatic illustration of the part is as depicted in the followingfigure


Thispart is formed of metal that is usually of mild steel. This partjoins different parts of stapler through pin joint method. A hingepermits the opening of a stapler each piece of a stapler is capableof swinging around the hinge (Benner, 2013).


Thispart of a stapler has the role of breaking off the staples from thestrip as it forces them into the materials that need to be joined.


Thisis a hole at the front of the staple’s magazine where the staplesexit from.

Despitethe difference in the staplers that are available, the workingmechanism is the same. When using the stapler, an individual appliespressure at the top close to the front having the items which are tobe stapled in the jaws of a stapler. When an individual press down,pressure is usually applied to the crown by a bottomless box likeform known as the blade within the stapler this makes staples comeout one at a time. The staples are normally fed automatically into aposition beneath the blade from a spring loaded raceway while thedriving force is usually applied by hand. The spring develops tensionwhich pushes the staples towards the front of a stapler. The momentpressure is applied to the head of a stapler the magazine pushesthem down on the paper to be joined while a metal plate in the headof a stapler pushes the front staple down the magazine. The twopoints are normally forced into paper, piercing the sheets of paperuntil they come into contact with the anvil. In the anvil, there is acurved groove the ends of the staple are normally forced into thisgroove and the pressure forces them to bend. The staples bendinwards, which creates a lock around the pages.

Tackingis normally utilized for stapling items on flat surfaces such asbulletin boards or walls. When tacking, a button is pressed at thebottom of stapler and this makes the magazine as well as the head ofa stapler to be released. The stapler then works as it would forusual stapling, forcing staples out, but in this case, the staplesare not forced into the anvil.


Astapler is perceived as an important device that is rare to find inany office. It is important for every office to have the device dueto its vital role. A stapler is easy to use since no one has toundergo vigorous training in order to understand how to use it. Assuch, no office should ignore having this important device.


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