is a broad part of literature that entails several aspects for yourwork to be much acceptable. One of the major aspects is for thewriters to express themselves fluently without using “I” whilemaking sure that the reader understands their statement vividlywithout many complications. From the class, quality writing alsoentails the writer being able to express his ideas without using “Isay” or “I argue.” But they should put the text to be in a waymost people perceive its real. Typically, they should be able todistinguish between what they have said from the ideas of otherpeople while making good use of the voice markers. Also, the readersare supposed to distinguish the person speaking in your writingwithout much difficulty. This is achieved through various ways thathave been discussed in the course outline.


TheBerklee Beantown Festival is the Boston’s largest block party, afree, yearly outdoor concert that is always open to the public, andit has delighted numerous music lovers. The party has the core hostof jazz, funk, blues, and groove performances, and it has an array offood vendors and various free activities for the children. This partyis the pride of Boston, and it is a place where the community comesin unison in a forged joy of great live music. Currently, there arevarious jazz clubs and classes where most people especially thechildren are taught the flow of jazz music so that the dignity of thegenre can be upheld to the next generation.

Jazzis a category of music that has its origin in the African-Americancommunities of the United States. It began in the late 19th century,and it emerged as an independent music style that was commonly linkedto the European American and African American musical parentage witha performance orientation. Typically, Jazz belongs to the Americanculture and a wide range of people with different age groups startingfrom the 1950s. Currently, it appears that jazz is the identity ofthe American culture. According to Billy Taylor, an American jazzpianist, this is a genre that out to be adapted to the youngergeneration so that their culture can be upheld. In his life, he was ajazz activist, and he even started the Jazz Foundation of Americawith his counterparts, and its purpose was to save the American bluesand jazz musicians. Taylor was also a jazz educator, and he travelledworldwide as a jazz ambassador.


Additionally,it is crucial that extensive research should be carried out if aquality work has to be done. For instance, in the case of music, onehas to carry out extensive research on the genre that they intend tojoin so that they can do an acceptable work. Library research iscrucial for the purpose of informing people on various aspects thatthey doubt themselves. Also, in writing, one has to conduct goodresearch on the appropriate ways that they can write to give thereaders an ample time while going through their work. Libraryresearch is also crucial to educate people regarding their topic ofinterest. Also, it is used for the purpose of acquiring specificknowledge where a person thinks that he does not have a goodunderstanding.