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TheSermon on the Mount

Thefirst account of Jesus’s teaching in the New Testament is about theSermon on the Mount. The teachings on the Sermon on the Mount markedthe beginning and foundation of the modern Christian principle onmorality. &nbspChristianity since its formation has gone throughseveral adjustments and changes. However, the Sermon on the Mountremains as an inspiration for all the disciples of Jesus Christ. &nbspIbelieve that the Sermon on the Mount reminds us of the Laws thatMoses obtained from Mount Sinai. Actually, the sermon&nbspwaswritten&nbspto bring&nbspconclusiveness&nbspof the TenCommandments and help a Christian’s develop good character.

Theteachings on the mount have become the worldwide pillars of moralethics. I believe that the teaching act as an example of howChristians should live. They describe the new character that a personshould have compared to what the scribes and Pharisees used to doby&nbspfollowing the&nbsplaw (Quarles, 56). The teachings encourageus as the disciples to apply the new principles in our livesindividually. The first part of the sermon talks of the beatitudes. Ibelieve defines the true character of a disciple who will enter thekingdom of God. It directs us as Christians how they can enter thekingdom of God. It encourages us to practice true righteousness. Inaddition, it helps us understand that whatever we do is for God’sglory, unlike how the Pharisees used it for fame or importance.

Secondly,Jesus talks about salt and light. The Jews used to add salt to oil toincrease brightness of the light. Jesus used this illustration tohelp us as Christians to know that we are role models for otherpeople to see and follow. Therefore, our character before peoplematters a lot. Thirdly, Jesus Christ did not come to the world todestroy Moses law. However, He came to fulfill it and help us get thecorrect interpretation. The teachings are to help us practice do whatthey are saying&nbspto enter heaven&nbsp(Stott, 78). &nbspThe newperception of the law was for correcting a person’s mistake and forpreventing the person from thoughts of doing wrong. Sin starts from athought and&nbsptherefore&nbspthe thought needs a cure. &nbspForexample, a person who kills or another harbors the thought to kill,both have broken the law and committed sin. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp

Inthe New Testament, Jesus Christ emphasized so much on how we shouldrelate with each other. For example, we should not have negativethoughts or envy within our hearts about other people. We should notseek to revenge, but pray for none Christians, and should not haveenemies. In the old law, it was okay to practice adultery (Quarles,120). However, Jesus condemns it, and adds that even the thought topractice adultery is sinful. Christ desires that we be holy and saidthat if any part of your body causes us to sin we should cut it. Thisillustration means that we should cut out anything that we do thatdoes not please God.&nbspIn addition, God desires that we love ourfriends or relatives who are against us.

AsChristians, we sometimes have problems deciding the right thing to doto help others. For example, Jesus warns us against doing things toreceive acknowledgement from man, for by doing that God will notreward us&nbsp(Stott, 160). However, whatever we do to the needyonly God should know and will reward us. God desires our personalprayers&nbspbe&nbspsecret, brief, and sincere before Him. He gaveus a format to use while praying. Jesus also emphasized about ourfasting that it should not be for people to see. However, it shouldhelp us grow closer to Him. &nbspJesus teaches us that truetreasurers are store in heaven, but not the earthly way of definingwealth.&nbsp Jesus wanted us to stop relying on our efforts to meetour needs but to fully trust in God who cares and is able to protectus. There will&nbspbe judgment&nbspafter Jesus returns to theworld. &nbspOur judgment is on the standards that we use on others.Therefore, it is important to check our lives before judging others.&nbspThe word of God encourages us as Christians to be persistent inasking God for the things we&nbspdesire&nbsp(Stott, 130). This isbecause He is a faithful God and desires to fulfill our request, tohelp us to grow closer to Him. Jesus Christ encourages us to treatother people the same way we would want them to treat us. For thiscover up all the rules taught about by law and theprophets&nbspconcerning&nbsprelationships.

Jesusencourages us to sacrifice ourselves and do what is right before Godfor us to enter heaven. We are to watch out for false prophets whopretend in the name of God, doing miracles and many Godly things butin the&nbspreal&nbspsense, they are exploiting people. &nbspWeshall be able to recognize them by their characters, and on thejudgment day, God will disown them. &nbspIn life as Christian, weface many challenges, misfortunes, and disappointments. However,we&nbspshould not be&nbspdiscouraged but build our faith in JesusChrist, who is our strong foundation and will help us in times ofneed (Quarles, 150). The people with weak foundations lack characterto make them stand during trials. Therefore, they&nbspwill bewashed&nbspor wiped away.

Inconclusion, the Sermon on the Mount helps us as Christians to haveethically morals on how to live our daily life. They help us knowwhat we should and should not do when we relate with other people.They also give us ways to live a prosperous Christian life and theyhave helped us understand the Ten Commandments better.&nbsp


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